Garden Coaching & Design

Build your gardening practice and enjoy your outdoor space!


Garden Coaching & Design Packages

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can book one of the following:

Introductory "Get to Know Your Garden" Package - $500

Includes an in-person evaluation and a Custom PDF Garden Guide with
- Your Garden's Element Summary - A colorful report of your garden's elements, including sunny and shaded areas, wind flow, water flow and general things to know about your garden. 

- List of the plants in your garden with year round care information on up to 10 plants.

- Natalie's Local Garden Resource List


Gardening Practice Package - $1000

Includes the items in the "Get to Know Your Garden" Package, plus
a Custom Garden Care Schedule and Gardening Lesson
We can make caring for your garden flow with your lifestyle.
I will design the schedule of care for your garden.
You'll receive a colorful PDF with customized seasonal actions to take in the garden, a watering schedule and a fertilizing schedule.
In our meet up I will teach you the basics of gardening, and how to incorporate gardening into your lifestyle.

Gardening Practice & Garden Design Package - $2400+

Includes an in-person evaluation, a Customized Garden Design Plan, a PDF Garden Guide and a Custom Garden Care Schedule PDF

This package includes all of the above plus a whole new design for your dream garden.  You can implement this design yourself or we can coach a landscaper through installing your plants as designed.  



Plant your first garden in the soil,
Learn how to care for your plants,
Start a container or balcony garden,
Create an ecological habitat garden.
Let's customize your outdoor space
so you can enjoy nature at home.