🌱 Natalie Jackson - Plant Detective & Gardening Teacher 🌱

*Get to Know Herbs* Garden Workshops

By Natalie Jackson, Local Gardener
at the Sepulveda Basin Community Garden Center
in Encino, CA


Connect with nature in a garden with Los Angeles gardener and herb lover, Natalie.


You’ll get to know locally grown herbs with your senses.

Peacefully meditate with the plants and drink tea made with herbs from the garden. 



"Natalie really gave us an integrated garden to tea cup experience.

We met the herbs, seeing their beauty, feeling their various textures, and smelling them. Then we tasted them in a variety of teas.

Finally, we sat in meditation and listened to the herbs.

The workshop was really relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  

I highly recommend Natalie's workshop, it was a very memorable experience."

- Brad G.


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This experience is a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of LA life.  You can feel the health benefits of spending time in nature.



 Things to Consider

The garden may be visited by local animal & insect friends such as squirrels, sunbathing lizards, butterflies, bees and a variety of birds.  

They are all an important part of the garden, so please be respectful of their presence.  

Wear clothes that will be comfortable for the weather conditions of the day.  A hat, close-toed shoes, sunblock and water are recommended.  

You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to eat in the park after the workshop.


Each workshop is kept to a small group to offer participants one-on-one time.

Illustrations by Veronica Guzzardi



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