At-Home Starter Garden

Are you ready to cultivate your first garden?


I will make it happen!

Natalie's Garden Design Services 
Want to Cultivate a Garden in Your Home?

Live in the Los Angeles area? 

Book a Beginner's Garden At-Home Workshop - $300

Your Choice of Either:

Herbal Tea Garden
Cooking Herb Garden
Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden
Succulent & Cacti Garden

Dig in and transform up to a 4 square foot area of your property into a beginner's garden, and

- Reveal which 2 x 2 ft space in your yard will work best, and observe the effects of the elements.  

- Discover the layout which will work best for your space.  

- Natalie will plot out a drawing with the the elements to guide the planting.

- Build up the health of your soil in the ground or in containers.

- Prep the soil for best growth, and plant the garden!

What to expect

This is a 2 Hour Gardening Workshop with Natalie, plus 

A Customized List of Local Stores and Online Resources for equipment, plants and soil amendments with tips and tricks for buying garden necessities 

Soil amendments, starter plants and seeds (Containers Not Included)

Your Choice of a Waterproof Nature Field Guide (Wildflowers, Butterflies, Birds, Mammals, Peppers or Night Sky) 

Book Natalie to Help You Build Your Starter Garden - $300

ELIGIBILITY:  Do you live in the Los Angeles area? ☑

Then this is for you!

☑ If you own your property, pick a sunny area of your yard for us to build the garden in containers or in the ground.

☑ If you rent your property, make sure you are able to plant the garden per your lease agreement with the landowner in containers or in the ground.

If everything applies, then you are eligible to purchase the workshop! 

By the end of our session,

you'll know how to take care of your beginner's garden,
where to get any needed supplies and materials,
and know a plant guru available to answer garden question.


Plant your first garden in the soil,
Learn how to care for your plants,
Start a container or balcony garden,
Create an ecological habitat garden.
Let's customize your outdoor space
so you can enjoy nature at home.
If you're located outside of the LA Area,