Orchids are beautiful plants to bring into your home!
I recently visited an orchid farm (Gubler Orchid Farm in Landers, CA), and purchased a few new orchids.
This inspired me to dive deep into orchid care, and I’m sharing what I learned with you in this episode.
I share general information about orchids, best practices for caring for your orchid, and orchid warning signs for potential issues.
Orchid Resources I recommend in the episode are:
1. American Orchid Society’s Identify Your Orchid Website: : http://www.aos.org
2. Find your local Orchid Society or Botanical Gardens offering Orchid classes and shows
3. Find your nearest Orchid Farm like Gubler Orchid Farm.  They host events and special sales throughout the year, and they sell their own orchid potting mix and fertilizer.
4. Use apps like iNaturalist, PictureThis and Google Lens to ID your orchid.
I end the episode with a Meditation Moment featuring nature sounds recorded at the creek in Limekiln Canyon in Porter Ranch, CA.  It is a special park in a shaded canyon with little frogs and tadpole seasonally.  

Listen to Episode 6: Caring for Orchids

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