Episode 3 – Spring Heat Wave

In this episode I share more stories of magic moments in our garden involving hummingbirds and butterflies.

I share what I’ve learned about gardening during a heatwave, and how to smell the wafting scents of spring blooming.

Then we dive deep into the plight of the Monarch Butterfly, distinguishing between the different types of Milkweed, and offering suggestions for improving habitat conditions for these beautiful and symbolic creatures.

I mention the Xerces Society for the conservation of invertebrates, who study and report on insects, including Monarch Butterflies.

I also mention the Theodore Payne Foundation, who is focused on promoting the cultivating of Native Plants through their educational programming, nursery and seed shop.

I end the episode with a Meditation Moment with flowing water sounds from my garden, and share a meditation called, “River,” from my favorite meditation guide, “You are Wild,” by Jessica Snow.  Check out Jessica Snow’s website, You are Magic LA.

The wind sounds, flying hummingbird and caterpillar eating sounds are from Zapsplat.com.

The dog barking sounds in the background are courtesy of my sweet dog, Rocko.


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