As a gardener, my favorite plants to work with are herbs. I particularly like perennial herbs which continue growing each year, like rosemary, lemon verbena and sage. The weather in Southern California can get hot, especially in Encino (which is in the San Fernando Valley). This is where the Sepulveda Community Garden Center is located, and where I cultivate many herb plants.

We have two plots at the SCGC. This is our original plot which we have had for a few years:


In this first plot I have some delicious tea herbs: a small lemon verbena plant, a lemon balm patch, a little pot with mint, common sage, autumn moon sage and lemon bergamot.

This is our 2nd plot, which we just acquired this year:


As far as tea herbs go, this second plot came with beautiful rose bushes, a lavender bush, a large lemon verbena plant, a patch of lemon grass, Russian sage and lemon mint.

I had my eye on this second plot for quite a while.  I have always wanted my own rose bushes, and the mature lavender and lemon verbena plants have been envied by me for years.

With this wealth of tea herbs, and plans to add more, I’m in a garden tea maker’s heaven!

This past Thursday was the annual “Friendsgiving” lunch/dinner at Greenway Arts Alliance.

It was a beautiful set up on the Greenway Court Theatre stage.

We sat in the middle of the set for the current show, The Color Purple.

Steffany of Flower Patch LA (who also did the flowers and succulents for my wedding) decorated the table with beautiful flowers and pine.



It was so beautiful and dreamy!

The lunch/dinner was a potluck, and of course, my contribution was garden tea!



I brewed a little bit of oolong tea with a collection of lemony herbs from my garden.

I included herbs from my garden, a few of which I have photos of.

Lemon Grass


Lemon Balm

Lemon Verbena


I also included Lemon Bergamot and Lemon Mint, but I do not have photo of those plants.  They are currently very small and I was only able to get a few leaves off of each plant.
The tea was very tasty!  Oolong is a delightfully light tea which carried the symphony of lemon herbs quite nicely.  It was a refreshing and flavorful batch of tea.
I picked most of the herbs on Wednesday so they would be fresh. I picked the lemongrass on Saturday so that it could have time to dry out.  Aaron showed me a method he found online in which people weave the long lemongrass leaves into little rings.  These rings conveniently fit into my teapot’s brewing filter basket.
I love brewing my garden’s herbs for tea.
It is a very special way to connect with my garden at home each morning.
I’ll wake up, grab a brewing cup and filtered straw and pour in a little bit of yerba maté. Then I decide what flavors I feel like blending.  I have a collection of dried flowers that have been gifted or purchased, including rose petals, chamomile and lavender.  I’ll combine one of these flowers with one or two herbs from my garden.
This is yerba maté, rose petals and lemon verbena:
This tea blend is from a post I did on my instagram stories:
And here is one where I went a little crazy:
chamomile, lavender, lemon verbena, lemon balm, and yerba maté
I love blending teas with herbs from my garden and dried flowers.
 The tea is so tasty and it brightens my mornings!