Last week I revisited one of my favorite local hiking spots, Stough Canyon Park.  This expansive Burbank park is home to several look-out spots with perfectly placed benches.  There are several trails to take, making each visit a “choose your own adventure” moment.  From the Verdugo Mountainway Trail, you can hike to views of the San Fernando Valley, Glendale, Burbank, Tujunga, La Crescenta and even Downtown LA and the Pacific Ocean (when you’re past a certain elevation).  

I love the Old Youth Camp Loop Trail, which takes you through the ruins of a camp built on a plateau complete with the foundation and chimney of a 1940’s building and tons of broke tile, glass and building materials.  Upon researching the Old Camp, I found out that it was “established as a youth retreat in 1942 by a Hollywood church,” according to  

It is an eerie feeling walking through the ruins, but it makes for a great place to stop and enjoy the view.  

You may remember the very frightening wildfires in the Verdugo Mountains of Burbank (among other places) last year.    These wildfires burned the parks and a few homes in the area, and were a massively frightening sight.  Stough Canyon Park was burned in these fires, and with the rain coming through after the burn, there is a tug of war between the new growth and force of erosion.  


The burn has created a stark landscape, especially when compared to how lush it was prior to the fire.  

We live close enough that we could see the flames from the #BalconyGarden. 

After settling in to my burned surroundings, I got to see one of my favorite birds, the Scrub Jay. These fierce blue birds are so intense up close, like little fearless raptors. 

Their blue color is truly exquisite against the stark dry scrub brush.


The Scrub Jay has excellent spacial memory, making it easy for them to hide food and find it later.  

All in all, Stough Canyon Park and the trails that sprawl from it are beautiful now, and will be even more beautiful in the Spring when the wildflowers start blooming.



Until Next Time,