Amir’s Garden has become one of my regular spots for a quick, gorgeous hike.  The paths to Amir’s Garden are my nature escape in the middle of the city, helping me untangle my thoughts and stress with each step.  


I went to Amir’s Garden twice this past week, exploring two the ways to get up to the garden.  

The first way up is through the North Trail.  The beginning can be a bit of a calf buster, but once the trail gets high enough in elevation, it flattens to a minor incline.  

The Tree Throne on the North Trail’s steep incline.

The other way up is through a magical staircase – as see below.

This staircase winds up the hill and connects to the trails of the garden.  Keeping a constant pace up the stairs of Amir’s Garden will get your heart pumping.  Below is the staircase path once you get closer to the garden.

Whichever path you choose, don’t forget to stop and listen to the birds.  There are SO many birds at Griffith Park, from the sweet hummingbird that sits atop a tree on the path…



to the woodpeckers at the bottom of the North Trail who speed up the decomposition process for dead trees…


…to a sky full of hawks (4 in the photo below)

to the loud and raptor-like scrub jays  

and the ground-dwelling spotted towhees. 


While looking around, check out the sunny spots for sunbathing lizards and snakes.

And if you know your plants, you can take advantage of instant aromatherapy by picking a leaf off of the Eucalyptus trees, California Thyme and Sage plants.   Fold the leaves to break them, and take a deep whiff.  The aroma will give your brain a pleasing, calming sensation.   

This is a eucalyptus leaf from the trees along the horse trail by the Wilson Harding Golf Course Parking lot, which is where I start the hike.  

When you get to the garden, you’ll see watering areas for horses, dogs and humans, plus this sign:

 There are many benches and picnic tables in Amir’s Garden, and I find it is a great place to read, draw, meditate, watercolor paint and contemplate.  


I encourage you to go to Amir’s Garden and find a spot that brings you joy.


Until Next Time,