The neighborhood was visited by a red-tailed hawk AGAIN.
These majestic creatures can be seen flying over the greener parts of LA, looking for a little bird, rodent or lizard meal.




She was perched on a tall tree across from the #BalconyGarden, overlooking the neighborhood filled with critters.




But this hawk did not go undetected…




The Ravens have a nearby nest, and they were not happy to have a Hawk in the neighborhood.



The Ravens take on the task of fighting off the hawk to get her out of the area.   They dive full-throttle toward the hawk, hoping to get it to take off flying.  The hawk was unfazed, as though the Raven was just a pesky a fly buzzing by.  The smaller birds in the neighborhood hear the cries of the Ravens and make a quick get away to a safe hiding place.




Ravens can be spotted by their fan-like tails and finger-like wing edges.  They are large commanding birds who are the subject of stories, poetry and legends.   I love going to the hills and seeing the Ravens flock together.  When the winds pick up, there are flocks of 30-80+ Ravens flying around in a tornado-like formation.


It is an incredible sight.



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