This morning I was working from home in our office which faces North to the #BalconyGarden.  The neighborhood was filled with birds as usual.

Doves, Finches, Sparrows, Hummingbirds and Towhees are coming and going from their nest to their favorite snack spots.  The youngest birds are learning how to maneuver while flying, and finding their space in the pecking order of their social environment.

When I set some bird seed out in the Balcony Garden, the neighborhood birds stop by to grab some seeds and a bit of water, then carry on with their friends.

Once in a while we’ll get quite a few birds hanging out on the electric cables in their little groups and pairs.  This can be quite a noticeable occasion as they are all chirping and happily fed.

This morning’s occasion was noticed by a much larger bird, a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk.   This Hawk first landed on the wooden pole about 200 ft from the Balcony Garden.

This Hawk was spotted by the other birds, and it soon decided it needed a more hidden perch.
Look at those claws!
The new perch is an old tree, about 300 ft away from the Balcony Garden.
The juvenile Hawk jumped around the tree until it found the perfect perch to see all of the groups of birds in the neighborhood.
I got some interesting photos of these jumps!
The Hawk found a good perch, but it was by a nest.
In the next photo you can see the small bird angrily approaching the Hawk for being too close to its nest.
The Hawk hopped around some more…
…and finally found a nice spot.
The hawk looked so regal on this perch.
It’s always exciting to see a Hawk, even though there is an element of danger for the smaller feather friends in the neighborhood.
The presence of birds of prey in an ecosystem is a positive sign of diversity.
I’m happy they visit our neighborhood!
Until Next Time…