You Are Wild Meditation Guide
You Are Wild Meditation Guide
You Are Wild Meditation Guide
You Are Wild Meditation Guide

You Are Wild Meditation Guide

Jessica Snow

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Connecting yourself to nature with meditation can open up different parts of your inner being.  I am so excited to bring this guide to this boutique, as connecting with nature and Earth is hugely important to connecting with ourselves.

The author of this guide is Jessica Snow, a woman I came across through searching for a local meditation workshop. Her live meditations and meditation tracks are my favorite treat to myself.  

Jessica Snow is an LA-based meditative storyteller and energetic alchemist.

"YOU ARE WILD is all about reconnecting to your wild aspects and reclaiming your natural power.  This 52 page paperback is divided into two sections.  In the Guidebook section you'll find a lot of food for thought about the absolute importance and visceral pleasure of recovering your wild instincts.  In the Meditations section you'll find 21 new guided meditations divided into elemental categories to unlock fresh reserves of natural power and wisdom inside you.  The book finishes with a handy chart where you can let your wild self pick a meditation for you.

Includes 21 Guided Meditations

"Do not forget, you are undeniably a wild creature, even if you’ve forgotten your true origins. You are a human being, and a human being is a mammal, and a mammal is an animal, and an animal is definitely, inarguably a part of nature.

And our world is wild, underneath a thin patina of civility. Our baser instincts are still running the show and driving the action.

It was not so long ago that we knew our wildness and it got to stay awake inside us our whole lives. We relied on it, and it kept us in a proper relationship with the world. At any moment, we could easily access our instincts to inform us, inspire us, protect us. But in the last couple hundred years, things have changed fast. Now we are born into an elaborate system that tricks us into thinking we are separate from nature and each other, and this in turn encourages that wild piece of us to retreat before we even know what’s going on.

And from then on, it stays in hiding.
And from then on, we (and others) don’t benefit from its bliss, liberation and wisdom.
And from then on, we forget it’s even there.

Some part of you deep down knows there is more to life than just working and shopping and staying inside looking at screens. Right now, you’re free to connect to nature at any time, not only so your life will be richer, more true and more beautiful, but also because when the wild part of you is awake, you will be able to add your portion of wildness to the world, and this may be the very thing that saves us."

 - YOU ARE WILD [By Jessica Snow]