You Are Magic Meditation Guide
You Are Magic Meditation Guide
You Are Magic Meditation Guide
You Are Magic Meditation Guide

You Are Magic Meditation Guide

Jessica Snow

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I love this mediation guide, and whenever I pick it up, I remember to be visionary and to vividly imagine my dreams while appreciating the journey.   The author of this guide is Jessica Snow, a woman I came across through searching for a local meditation workshop. Her live meditations and meditation tracks are my favorite treat to myself.  

Taking the time to focus inward is so many rewards, and this guide is a great start to that journey. I am so excited to bring her work to this boutique, as love of self is a cornerstone of her work.   

Jessica Snow is an LA-based meditative storyteller and energetic alchemist.

The introduction says it all in this guide to meditation and thought:

"Who do you want to drive the action of your inner world? Who do you think should be in charge of your spiritual connections, your conscious thoughts and, perhaps even more importantly, those looping thoughts that play in the background when your mind is “somewhere else”? Who would you like to instigate and color the visions that fill your head and shape your life experience?

Who do you want to be in charge of your precious, your one and only, inner life?

You or someone else? 

Your ability to be visionary is one of the few things that is truly yours, and it is a slipstream to a realm where you are sovereign and free and profoundly generative.

Why would you live your life on autopilot? Why would you hand this treasured sanctuary over to anyone else? Why wouldn’t you spend at least a little time there every day to fine tune and supercharge your life? Why wouldn’t you use this new style of meditation to stay tuned into the channel of You and constantly be literally visionary?" 

Topics includeConscious Rest is the Antidote for Stress, Divination is a Two Way Street, Your Imagination Can Expand, Radical Friendliness, It's Not All Unicorns and Rainbows (What to Do When You Don't Get What You "Ordered"), In Praise of Occasional Rebellion, Leaving Space For the Reveal, You Can Become Innocent Again, among many others.

Includes 10 Guided Meditations.

YOU ARE MAGIC [By Jessica Snow]

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