Our Whimsical Nature-Inspired Wedding - Part Two!

The ceremony ended, and right afterward, we created a special moment to connect with our loved ones who just witnessed our proclamation of love - the receiving line.

My favorite part of the wedding was the receiving line, held immediate after the ceremony between the ceremony and cocktail hour areas.  I knew this time would be quick but powerful, and it was truly moving.  I loved seeing everyone and having a special moment with them. 

My wonderful Dream Team was set up with a guitar, an amp and their awesome voices, singing and playing songs that Aaron and I love while we were showered with hugs and love from our guests.  It was so moving to have their beautiful voices and music fill the space for this special time.  

We got to hug every single person!  Not only was it an outpouring of love, it was also some of the best one-on-one time I had with some of our guests. 

When the receiving line was over, Aaron and I danced to the music Kurt, Nolan, Jennis and Kim were making.  It was beautiful!  They've now formed a band called "Men Vogue" and should start touring soon.

Then we took a break while guests enjoyed the cocktail hour in the Guerin Courtyard.

We arrived on the scene at the end of the courtyard and made some adjustments to things that didn't quite line up with our vision.  No worries though, we knew it was a quick fix!

We had many tree-inspire elements, including a family tree sculpture made by our friend Will, and a watercolor painting of a redwood tree set up to be as a guestbook for our guests to sign.  

Before we switched some signs around, some guests had signed the glass of the sign explaining the signature tree instead of signing the tree painting.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone signed the family tree sculpture too. :)  

We have a good laugh about it now, but we're glad we rearranged things to funnel guests toward signing the signature tree painting. 

The reception was held in the Ahmanson Ballroom, which is a beautiful semi-circle event space with tuffed ceiling and fun event lighting.  

We made our entrance with a splash to "Party Time" by Gloria Estefan with our family and wedding parties cheering us on.

The individual tables held gorgeously whimsical centerpieces designed by The Flower Patch LA.  

Our sweetheart table had a beautiful piece of drift wood with succulents, moss and flowers (also made by The Flower Patch LA).

The evening was beautiful!  Our family members and friends made beautiful speeches and toasts to us.  Tears, laughs and joyous outbursts filled the night.

We had our special dances while our guests enjoyed their dinner.

Aaron's brother made an awesome video of our photos from childhood through now.

Once dinner was eaten and the speeches were said, the lights went down and the dancing and fun began!

We had a photo booth from Touch N Pose with a backdrop that Aaron and his co-worker designed of colorful succulents.  

This backdrop matched the sugar flowers on our cake, which we designed at Delicious Arts with an owl cake topper from MelaboWed on Etsy

THIS CAKE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!  We were so moved at how much effort the good people at Delicious Arts put into our cake.  The tiers were carrot cake with cream cheese icing, banana cake with vanilla icing and almond cake with caramel icing. Each tier had a different texture, increasing the whimsy.  Also, and more importantly, it was so delicious!!!

Naturally the party favors were seed bombs! They had either basil or cilantro seeds in them.  Shout out to the homies who helped me package these seed bombs the night before the wedding! 

It was a magical night, and we will never forget it!  

Next I'll share a look at the family and wedding party photos we took on the grounds of the Skirball Cultural Center before the ceremony. 

Thank you for reading!

- Natalie Jackson



  • The pics are fabulous. They all brought out a night to remember! Love you both!

    Dad & Jan
  • Moments of treasure 💋💖


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