Our Whimsical Nature-Inspired Wedding - Part Three!

The Skirball Cultural Center is a beautiful campus atop the hills by the Getty Museum.  The campus has gorgeous gardens and fascinating exhibits throughout.

I fell in love with the landscaping and knew where I wanted to take family photos immediately!

Our photographer, Michael Farmer,  took care of the detail photos while we were getting ready.

My shoes with our rings.  My ring is from Stag Head Designs, while Aaron selected his ring from Daniel's Jewelers.  

My shoes were glittery with a castle on one foot, and unicorn on the other.  

My gown was a customized version of a lovely CocoMelody dress they had in their fun studio in Downtown LA.   I totally fell in love with the wavy, flowing feel of the bottom of the dress.  With the help of my friends and my Mom, we added the beaded collar / sleeve and my lavender touch to it.  

 I made a Hair and Make Up Inspiration Board to give the artists I worked with an idea of what I wanted:


With this dress, plus this handmade hair piece, 
I felt like Frida Kahlo, my goddess of nature and self expression.


The ladies of my Dream Team of Queens, and the Flower Girl Emma, all had dresses from CocoMelody too.  


We got ready for the day together at the Skirball Cultural Center, and had gorgeous matching floral robes!

Meanwhile, Aaron and his groomsmen were in a different room down the hall.  Occasionally I would hear Aaron walking down the hall, and everyone in a flurry about how he cannot see me before the appropriate time.   Aaron and I are light-hearted when it comes to older traditions, so we had fun with the idea of not seeing each other beforehand, like a couple of kids.

Aaron wore a sharp tuxedo and had a bowtie with a fun, galactic print. 
So Handsome!!


In true Aaron form, he was hands-on with the details, making sure the family tree sculpture his friend Will made for us was reinforced and ready for its debut. 

The rest of our handsome Dream Team of Queens wore tuxedos from TheBlackTux.com.  Their ensembles matched those of Aaron's groomsmen (also from TheBlackTux.com), but with purple elements to match the DTQ lewk.

We went into the gardens at the Skirball Cultural Center, and took photos in the lush green areas.




Our family photos were just as fun.  Aaron's family is huge, and my family is smaller.  Aaron's family members live in Texas, Ohio, Virginia and Illinois.

Many of my family members live in Argentina ( 😘 😘 😘) and in Denmark (Hola Bianca!! 😘 😘 😘), and couldn't make it to Los Angeles in October.  Te Quiero Mucho!!  😘

Lucky for me, my Tia Fabiana , Tio Ale y primo Juan Martin were able to make the journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

My parents were so happy for their only child! :)

My sweet cousin Juan Martin held my bouquet whenever needed.  

He's such a great guy!

After our lovely family photos, we got to take some photos as a couple.


Surrounded by our friends & family, delicious food, nature-inspired art, a gorgeous pond and hillside garden setting, plus succulents, roses and herbs, and a pack of coyotes on the hillside, I say it was a true celebration of what we love. 

Thank you for reading through our wedding blog posts.  

Each post focused on a different part of the day:

Part One - Ceremony

Part Two - Receiving Line, Cocktail Hour and Reception

Part Three - Getting Ready, Family Photos & Wedding Party Photos (This one!)

Thanks again!

- Natalie Jackson


  • Your storytelling is beautiful !! Thank you for putting this together, what a keepsake💖

  • Beautiful trilogy. Im sp happy for the two of you.

    Julio Iturbe
  • What a tribute to the love you have for your family and friends!

    Dad & Jan
  • Hermosos día!! Me encanta recordar cada momento!!
    Los quiero!


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