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My time in university was spent learning both inside and outside of the classroom.  You see, I was in a sorority filled with a mix of women from different cities, cultures, religions, abilities and everything in between.  Over four years the group fluctuated from about 40 to 80 women, with women coming and going as they were brought in and out of my life.

Now in a group of 40 to 80 women, I knew I wasn't going to be best friends with everyone, and I knew I would be drawn to certain people more so than others.  I knew I would experience moments that would bond me to certain women, and that some experiences would push me away from others.  

What I didn't know was that some of these moments would be full of elation and joy, while other moments would sink me down to a low, negative self.  

It's a time of emotions, a time of development.  Reality smacked me  hard while leaving my teen years and entering into the world of twenty somethings.  Realities I could only imagine in my wildest dreams and nightmares.  

In saying this, I was lucky.  I had a group of women who had done the sacred rituals, said the words passed down from some of the first collegiate women of the early 1900's, and paid their metaphorical and financial dues.  

These women were my parachute.  We created a world within our community in which we would boost each other up with affirmations, small gifts and tons of joyful hugs.  

One of my favorite affirmations was the concept of the Smart & Pretty Club.  Being in a sorority, we were living out the idea of grouping people according to their connections, but we turned this idea on its side.  

You see, everyone is welcome in the Smart & Pretty Club.  It is a state of mind, or a mindset in which you are uplifted by the idea that your inner light radiates a smart and pretty vibe.  

This vibe shines through everything you do and say.  When one floundered or said something that was obviously wrong, instead of humiliating or razzing the person, we would say, "You're so Pretty."

When one of us came up with the perfect plan for the evening or a resolution to a problem, we would say, "You're so smart.. AND pretty."  

For us, embodying both gave us the confidence to stand up a little straighter, speak a little louder and be a little bolder.  It was a reminder that we weren't alone; we are a part of MANY smart and pretty women making their mark in the world.  It also helped us laugh at our slip-ups while knowing our community would not make us feel bad about them.

The Smart and Pretty Club is one of the highlight memories of my college years.  Now that time has passed I can appreciate the value of the affirmation, and it doesn't seem right to let it die with the passage of time.  I'm no longer a broke college student with dreams that seem unattainable, I am now a stable adult (woohoo!) with even bigger dreams and the drive to make them happen.

This is why I am resurrecting the Smart & Pretty Club for a larger audience.  This is for anyone who can use a reminder that their light is both wise and beautiful, or anyone who wants to share this sentiment with a friend who needs to hear it.  

We can all tap into wisdom and we can all live in our inner beauty.

This club is inclusive, and to join you simply must decide to actively appreciate your own wisdom and beauty.  Then you're in!

Once you're in, share your wisdom and beauty, tell the world you're in the Smart & Pretty Club, and that they can join too.  

It is a way to spread both self love and community love, which are two of the three focal points of my design boutique (the third is love of Earth). 


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