Sharing Life-Changing Books

Cultivate Love LA is my way of sharing the books and information that had a brilliant impact on my life.

cultivate love la

My business has developed into an indie online book store focused on cultivating the Self and our connection with Nature. I am excited by this focus on books and zines, and I am creating more zines and books of my own to include in the shop.

My emotional/spiritual/mental health journey has brought me from a dark and sad place to a beautiful place filled with much more joy. Life has thrown (sometimes literally) books at me at critical points of my life to completely shift my mindset and move me in a different trajectory.

Connecting with my intuition has led me to a life with more self esteem, love for myself and love for others. I am less reactive, less afraid and more focused.

THIS is why I want to share books with the world.

The books in my shop changed me, and I am continuously on the hunt to find copies of the rare/indie books I've stumbled upon throughout my life to share in my shop.

My mission with this book shop is to spread self love, because as RuPaul says,
"Honey if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else?!"

Self Love = The First Love
Love yourself and you will teach others how to love you.
You will be more open to loving others.
Love will spread and change the people and the world.


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