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Making the decision to start my own business was inspired by the people I surround myself with.   My bestie has a thriving beverage pop-up experience/business, my co-worker started a beautiful flower company and the vendors at the Melrose Trading Post all inspire me to move forward down this path.

The first step is research, of course, and I have been listening to podcasts focused on business, marketing and sales strategy, alongside podcasts about the ethereal side of being a leader and how to be able to create the life of your dreams.  After all, our purpose in life is to feel joy; why do the work if it isn't going to fulfill this crucial purpose?  This is what honed in on when diving into the deep world of searching through podcasts.

My *Natalie Vision* funnel has brought the following inspiring, informative and innovative podcasts to my ears.  

1. The Strategy Hour by Abagail & Emylee of Think Creative Collective (The Strategy Hour Podcast)

This podcast has a theme song that brightens my commute, just enough cuteness and laughter to make it fun, and a ton of useful information regarding online sales, business management and organization.  They touch on productivity and strategies for growing your business and making it stand out above the rest.  While they speak from their experiences running their own businesses and working in the corporate world in the past, they also teach how to create the life you want through the way you run your business.   This is a podcast I will be listening to for a very long time.  As they have families and as life's ups and downs occur, they share how they are able to navigate and grow.    An awesome find for a female entrepreneur, but completely relatable to any creative person.

The most valuable tool I have learned through Emylee and Abagail is an online software called Trello.  These trailblazing entrepreneurs use Trello to organize their business and marketing strategy.  They have an online course to teach how they use this tool, along with templates they use on Trello that can be copied into your own account.

In learning how to use Trello, I am able to visualize and organize my workflow at Greenway Arts Alliance and for Cultivate Love LA, which is helping me gain a balance on prioritizing tasks for both.

2. The Fizzle Show by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Steph Crowder (The Fizzle Show - Episode 227)

The Fizzle Show is another podcast for creative entrepreneurs from three people who were very successful in the big business world and established themselves as knowledgable in marketing and business.  With this expertise, they created the Fizzle, a platform for creatives to learn how to build and grow their own businesses.  

This is a newer find for me, but I really loved their recent episode, "How to ENJOY Sales, Without Feeling Cheesy, Manipulative & Gross (FS227)."  The link above has all text of this episode, and it is a good read about making sales an important focus for your business while making it not icky.  Their advice in your approach to sales stuck with me.  It is a necessary part of any business, and yet people shy away from it because of the way it makes them feel, which is usually icky.  But if you are selling something you believe will help someone, solve someone's problem, or add some joy to someone's life, the sale becomes easy (not cheesy) and helpful to the buyer.  I'm excited to listen to some more episodes from these folks.  They're a hoot!

3. Creative Women International by Philiy Page (Creative Women International Podcast and Blog)

This is a lovely listen from the theme music to Philiy's UK accent, definitely a great one for a commute.  Her focus is on how to have a successful creative business, along marketing tips and tips for balancing your life and emotions while being an entrepreneur.

The episodes about storytelling, copyright laws, and building an audience gave me ideas and considerations for planning out my business.  She gives me insight on how being a leader can impact your ego and emotions, along with tools of empowerment and vision.  This is another great podcast for female entrepreneurs, but anyone would gain from the insights she shares and that are shared by her interview guests.

4. Pursuit with Purpose by Melyssa Griffin (Pursuit With Purpose Podcast)

Melyssa strives to bring meaning and fulfillment to your life everyday through your life, work and mindfulness.  This is a newer podcast for me, but I love the episode with Alison Faulkner about how being vulnerable in telling her story helped her grow her audience into a large, engaged group.  This is episode 7, and I highly recommend it. Her focus is on connecting the outside world and her personal world with her business audience.  She brings the best of herself to her in-person events, and the connections she makes brings people to stay connected to her online.  Melyssa interviews Alison and others who pursue more than money from their working life, and who seek a flow between the self, work, relationships and family.

These four podcasts are innovative, inspiring, informative and they stand out above the rest in fostering creative entrepreneurship.  

If you're looking for a new path, I hope you can enjoy these podcasts on your commute or during your self focus time.    I am learning about business through these creative people, but I am also learning about creating a life that I enjoy.


Thank you for reading!


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