The Salad Garden

Salad is a staple of a healthy diet, as it is nutritious and easy to customize to your own taste.  A bag of salad greens can cost $3-$7 depending on how fancy you are and where you live.  

The truth is that lettuce is very easy to grow!

It can be grown in a container garden as well as an outdoor garden in the ground.  With good soil cultivation, you can have lettuce plants that will regrow at least one time.  

 When we first planted our lettuce bed, we had a little bit of an issue.  One of our previous lettuce plants had created its seeds.  We collected the seeds, but noticed that some had already fallen into the bed.  Because of this, We got a large bright green poof of curled lettuce.  Nature had sown it with the winds and the light rain.

We then planted rows (bottom of this photo) of a variety of lettuce, but we soon noticed that our plants were a little too close together.

So we had to thin the plants out, so that each would have enough room to fully develop.


 With that, we had a salad garden filled with curled red and green lettuce, red and green romaine lettuces, arugula, mustard and jade gem lettuces.

Each week we collect the leaves or cut down a whole head of lettuce to bring home and eat.  

When picking lettuce from the garden, you MUST clean it well.

There are bugs and compost and all kinds of things on the lettuce that comes from a garden, so make sure it is clean.

I like to soak it under water for 10 minutes.  This kills off any bugs that may be holding on for life.

After that, I rinse them under running water and spin it in a salad spinner. 

Always visually check to make sure you don't see any bugs or things you wouldn't want to eat.

Then, break it up and get your favorite salad dressing and toppings!


All of this lettuce was grown in our Sepulveda Community Garden Plot in Encino.  I offer gardening workshops in this garden.  To see the schedule of upcoming workshops, visit or click on the Gardening Workshops tab of this page.

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