Learning, Growing and Developing!

2017 has shifted my perspective in life, and has opened my eyes to all of the beautiful people and resources that I have access to.   I am surrounded by LA's creatives, designers and hustlers.  They have inspired me to develop an online/offline store concept that can blend with my life.  

The idea is to design a line of items with my original drawing, alongside the creations of fellow artists that speak to my curatorial vision.  All of the chosen items' concepts are based on a philosophy of love of self, community and Earth. 

My biggest inspirations lately have been the completion of a Permaculture Design Course with The Permaculture Academy, the books and podcasts I have been listening to on Quantum Living and the work I have been doing to heal from the past, envision my future and live fully in the present.  The messaging of the items I design and curate will be centered around these inspirations.  

The self care and meditation communities have brought a lot of relief, calm, ease and joy to my life.  I want to perpetuate the beautiful words and images receive through this self focus to reach others with their simplicity and release.

This is the beginning of Cultivate Love LA.  Thank you for reading!

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