Honeymoon in Nature - It's Fiji Time!

Aaron and I got married in October, and a few days later, we went to a tropical paradise for our honeymoon.  

We went to.. FIJI!
We landed at the Nadi Airport and took a 45 minute speed boat to Malolo Island. 

That Tropical Glow!

We stayed at the LikuLiku Lagoon Resort on the island of Malolo.   Fiji has over 300 islands, some inhabited and some uninhabited.  

Our sweet little abode for 7 days was by the beach and had a lovely patio with a little pool and outdoor bed to soak in the serenity of nature.


Our honeymoon was a fun-filled adventure, and I loved being able to get away from it all with Aaron while being immersed in this tropical paradise.

Our awesome friends Ash & Courtney got us an underwater camera as a wedding present.  Any photo where the sense looks like it was splashed with water, or any photo under or over water was taken with that camera.

Our wedding registry included a Honeymoon Fund, and we used every last drop of that fund on fun activities on the islands.  

We were able to go Parasailing, which was SO MUCH FUN!

 We also got to go kayaking, snorkeling and island hopping by way of jet skiing!

We saw a sea turtle when we went kayaking and another when we went on a snorkeling excursion.  

 On our jet ski excursion, we island hopped all the way to the island where they filmed the movie Castaway.  We got to snorkel around the island and took photos of the gorgeous fish and coral.


There was a beautiful hiking trail through the jungle that led to a secluded, pristine  beach (Naivaka Beach) and the volcanic rock tip of the island.  

The most impressive thing about Fiji is the wildlife!  

Along this secluded beach area, we saw these crabs on the shell-filled sand.

We also saw this awesome eel jump out of the water to eat a black crab!


The herons were majestic and one even stood on the wall of our bure:

These two herons were hunting little mudskippers and other creatures while the tide was out. 


One heron came up to our wading pool while we were taking a break from the sun.


We were visited by many lizards, including this sweet little gecko that snuck into our room:


and there were so many little skinks in all different colors!

There was even an iguana sanctuary on site, and we got to hang out with one of them!

Animals we didn't get photos of were the sea turtles, sharks of all sizes, octopus, and a wide variety of fish!

We took a class on weaving:


And drank the local favorite drink, Kava, in a ceremony at the neighboring village.



 My favorite moments were spent in the water.


The view was incredible.

The bar out in the water by the dock.


The food was soooooo good there!




We were feeling the island fantasy. 


The people of Fiji are so warm and welcoming.  The people we got to be around were on "Fiji Time where there are no hurries, and no worries.  I felt right at home, leaving any stress behind.  It was the best!


Thank you for reading.




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