Fall Garden Prep

The summer heat is here, but we are looking ahead to the fall. 

What will we do to get the garden ready?


1. Take out plants that are not working in the garden.

Aaron and Natalie have over 50 plants in their community garden plots.  
The ones that are not producing are getting the boot!  
If planted in the Spring, if they aren't producing at this point, they may be a dud for the season.


2. Sheet Mulching - Feed the Soil

Next they will find the areas of their garden that they will be using in the fall.  Prep the soil with any method you like, but they love Sheet Mulching.


They take the empty areas of the garden and layer them up with cardboard, newspaper green mulch, brown mulch, chicken manure, horse manure, our organic compost, straw and anything else they can get our hands on!  

The idea is to layer up organic materials and carbon for the worms and their friends to eat up.  Water this lasagna for several weeks and watch it condense into a thin layer of rich, loose soil.  Once it has condensed and the cardboard is no longer recognizable, it's ready to plant in.

3. Pick the Right Plants

It is always fun to experiment with new plants, but having guidance can really help with deciding which plants to go with.   
Use the books in the
Garden + Nature Collection of the Cultivate Love Shop to figure out which plants would work best for your area and climate.  
Keep in mind which plants love the shade and which ones need sunshine, and make sure they get their prescribed amount. 

Here are some of the books we love!

 Shop the Garden + Nature Collection


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