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Designing & Connecting

This week has been filled with two actions

Designing - I have been designing an image for Greenway Arts Alliance to be printed and sold on goodies at the Melrose Trading Post.  These designs are specifically for Greenway to use as a fundraiser for its awesome programs.  I am working on a few designs to help raise money for specific funds at Greenway, including a Culinary Arts program fund, a Paid Gigs Musician fund, and a Gardening program fund.  I'll post the final products once they are in production!

Alongside the work for Greenway, I have also been bringing my own designs to life for Cultivate Love LA.  One piece is inspired by a message I read in permaculture and life philosophy works and evokes the image of a garden. 

Connecting - This week I reached out to two artists who I love about carrying their work in my shop... and one got back to me!! I am excited to be carrying her beautiful work as a part of my store's launch.    

move forward cultivate love nat watercolor

Through listening to podcasts and books on life and business, I realize the importance of moving forward and celebrating each step along the way.   Each step takes me further along the path, so each one must hold enough importance to be celebrated.  

Thank you for reading. 

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