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All About Rosemary

All About Rosemary

- Rosmarinus Officinalis - Rosemary is a classic herb.  Many people are familiar with its culinary flavor, and love incorporating it into a roasts ...
Connecting with Nature is a Sensory Experience

Connecting with Nature is a Sensory Experience

Last year I set out to create a community workshop centered around the plants that I love and meditation. From this desire came the "Get to Know ...
All About Lavender

All About Lavender

- Lavendula Angustifolia - Lavender is an herb that has been popular throughout history.  It created industrial booms, popular trends and is seeing...

Garden Workshops Reflections

Natalie really gave us an integrated garden to tea cup experience.

We met the herbs, seeing their beauty, feeling their various textures, and smelling them.  

Then we tasted them in a variety of teas.

Finally, we sat in meditation and listened to the herbs.

The workshop was really relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Brad G. of Reseda, CA

Had a fantastic time!! -- it was informative and fun!

I enjoyed getting acquainted with a variety of herbs, tasting the tea that had been brewed with herbs in the garden, and the meditation left me more consciously aware of the garden community of which we are each a part.

Kurt D. of Santa Monica, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.

I felt invigorated and inspired to take charge of my own garden at home and make it as beautiful as Natalie and Aaron's garden plots.

I was never aware of the vast number of herbs available, and now have a list of personal favorites I want to grow for my own use.

Thank you, Natalie! I didn't want the workshop to end!!

Nolan N. of Chatsworth, CA

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